Earplugs for misophonia


The person loudly tapping their fingers on their desk is making you want to SCREAM. 

Sound familiar?  

Or maybe it’s someone’s loud apple-chewing. Or a colleague repeatedly sniffing that’s sending you into an uncontrollable rage. 

I mean, we get it. These noises would annoy most people. 

But what about when those feelings get more intense?

And become anger, disgust, or even a desperate need to escape? 

If this sounds like you, you may be living with misophonia.

Loud chewing making you angry? The struggle is real.

There’s a name for it. And it’s called misophonia.

It’s a selective sound sensitivity disorder and, at its most extreme, can completely disrupt a person’s life

Triggers can include things like chewing, lip-smacking, swallowing, loud breathing, pets licking, sighing, etc

And it can ignite serious feelings.

Such as: 

  • Anger 
  • Anxiety 
  • Disgust 
  • Impatience 
  • Stress 
  • Fight-or-flight response 

It’s real – and no laughing matter. It can affect socializing, working life, and even carrying out normal daily activities.

Don’t worry though – we’re here to help. 

Our earplugs for misophonia

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Reclaim your calm.

Some people’s trigger sounds may be rare enough that they don’t encounter them often.  But for those triggered by everyday sounds such as eating or breathing, they’re unavoidable. 

You may find yourself always eating alone or avoiding close physical contact, which can  have a huge impact on your mental health. 

We get it. And we’ve been on the case to invent the best earplugs for misophonia you can find. 

Check out Loop Experience Pro and Loop Engage Plus – both of these products are designed with noise sensitivity in mind. It just comes down to how you want to hear the world.

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Loop Experience Pro

Do you need the ultimate in protection? These misophonia earplugs reduce noise by up to 23 decibels. With a cleverly designed acoustic channel, they filter outside noise – making them ideal for noise sensitivity – without blocking out the important stuff.

Loop Engage Plus

If the occlusion effect bugs you, Loop Engage Plus are the earplugs for you. Providing a noise reduction of up to 21 decibels, they’re perfect for filtering out unwanted noise whilst still hearing everything crystal-clear.

Both these products

Offer maximum comfort, fitting snugly into all types of ears.

They Come in four stylish, unique colors in their own handy case.

  • Perfect tool for misophonia

    "Beautiful design and they work like a charm! They take away all chewing and slurping noises around the table, making dinner a more pleasant moment to share."

    - Siril W.
  • You’ve saved my sanity

    "I struggle with misophonia and it is often at its worst at my office. I bought these as a last resort and couldn’t be happier. I can hear a bit of the hallway chatter but not all of it.  

    Love them so much."

    - Cariena B.
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Control life’s volume

The world can be noisy. If you suffer from misophonia you’ll need to take the edge off. Our earplugs will help you filter out all those hard-to-live-with noises. Just think: better productivity, regulated emotions, easier interactions. No-brainer.

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