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Experience Pro

Increase noise reduction on demand

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Color - Glorious Gold

Loop Experience Pro earplugs:  

  • Hear everything clearly, just less loud 
  • Increase noise reduction on demand with Loop Mute 
  • Switch between low (18dB) and medium (23dB) noise reduction 
  • Extra accessories for versatility and comfort

Perfect to adapt according to the situation: live music events, noise sensitivity, motorcycling, focus etc.

What you get

Image of Loop earplugs "what you get"
  • 1 set of Loop Experience earplugs
  • 4 sets of silicone ear tips (XS + S + M + L included)
  • 3 sets of foam ear tips (S + M + L included)
  • 2 sets of Loop Mute (extra noise reduction)
  • Black keychain carry case


Shipments to Australia: 7,95 AUD for standard shipping, free on orders over 55 AUD. You get more specific details during checkout or on our shipping policy.

100 days return

You have 100 days to return your Loops and request a refund, for any reason. Even if you've used the earplugs! We'll refund your purchase within 5 business days after receipt. Check our full return policy on how to request a refund.

How to use Loop

  • Image of a man standing in front if a bus and cars, wearing a backpack and Loop earplugs.

    Noise Sensitivity

    Filter most noise. 

    "Loops Pro help greatly in my everyday life, as I'm very sensitive to noises. These earplugs (especially with Loop Mutes), really take the edge off high pitch sounds."

    - Franziska

  • A person driving a motorcycle in a desert landscape.


    Protect your ears.
    Stay alert.

    "Noises are now so low that I barley hear it, but regular speech or horns are easy to hear. It's so much more quiet than riding without it. Absolutely love it."
    - Mirja P.

  • A woman writing in a notebook on a table wearing Loop earplugs.


    Get in the zone.
    Increase your focus.

    "I use my Loops when I go out to public spaces to help dim the volume so I can maintain focus. For DIY projects, lawn cutting or sporting events, I add the Loop Mutes."
    - Pamela B.

  • Image of a man playing the guitar.

    Making music

    Enjoy clear sound.
    Protect your ears.

    "They are truly brilliant and the mute insert is fantastic for me as as musician of a very loud instrument."
    - Gillian C.

  • Image of a young woman dancing in the sun, wearing Loop ear plugs.

    (Live) events

    Have a conversation,
    without cutting on sound.

    "For someone who goes to a lot of concerts and raves I can now listen to music without worrying about the longterm damage it is doing to my ears."
    - Lies C.

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