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Image of a person holding Loop earplugs in their hand.

Why Loop?

Live life to the fullest without noise breaking your flow. Loop makes your life sound good, look good and, most importantly, feel good.

How do you want to hear the world?

Loop quiet

Muffle sound & get in your bubble

For sleep, noise sensensitivity and focus.

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Filter sound & take off the edge

For parenting, noise senstivitity and live events.

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Why most people use Loop

Loop in the press

  • Top pick earplugs for concerts

    "The first earplug every tester said would be happy to wear regularly."

  • You've never seen an earplug look this good

    "Comfort and sound aside, what they’ve really got going on is style."

  • The most comfortable experience

    "Earplugs to reduce noise and control sensory overload to help you focus!"

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