Earplugs for parents

Let’s face it - children are LOUD.  

And not just when they’re crying. But when they’re laughing, talking, playing, eating.  

Not to mention the crazy cartoons blaring from the TV (we see you, Peppa Pig).  

Let’s face it: as much as we love them, they can be hugely overwhelming for your senses

And for those that already suffer with noise sensitivity? Your frayed, shot nerves may seem like they’re on fire. 

Here’s what we know

Parent sensory overload - it’s a thing

And no, it does NOT make you a bad parent.  

In fact, sensory overload as a parent is a common issue you’ll likely face everyday. You’re exhausted. Your kids are too. You’re running on caffeine. Every single tiny noise sounds like chalk scraping down a blackboard. 

You may: 

  • Have difficulty focusing 
  • Get surges in irritability or anger 
  • Feel restless  
  • Want to cover your eyes or ears 
  • Experience stress, fear, or anxiety about your surroundings 

If this sounds like you, you need a helping hand

That’s where we come in. 

Our Earplugs for Parenting

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Reclaim your sense of calm (and sanity)

The sound of a baby crying can reach 120dB. That’s close to the intensity of the noise of a departing plane. So - say your baby is suffering from colic for example – that’s a whole lot of noise. Time to find your calm

We’ve developed the best earplugs to deal with sensory overload as a parent. Especially designed to limit the volume, without missing a beat.  

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Take the edge off

Our noise-reducing earplugs for parents are designed to reduce noise by up to 16 decibels. With a patented acoustic channel and a newly engineered filter, they’re 100% safe to wear while looking after children. You’ll still be able to hear everything, just with a bit more calm.

Are comfortable

They’re ultra-comfortable and fit into all types of ears. They’re ideal for the demands of parent life – and they won’t fall out.

Look stylish

Surely strung out and stylish don’t go together? We say yes they do. There are multiple different colors to choose from in the Loop Engage range. Each coming in their own little case.

  • Little savior!

    It's amazing how soft and comfortable they are to wear. At the same time you hear everything but so calm and clear.

    - Martina M . 
  • These have changed my life!! 

    These have changed the game for me in terms of anxiety and overstimulation. They’re a quick, easy and comfortable solution for the two. I would highly recommend these to anyone.

    - Megan M.
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Parent at your volume

Give your sanity a chance and restore some calm to the chaos. With Loop Engage earplugs you’ll be able to take the edge off the daily noise of parenting life, without missing a beat. Think of the benefits: Calmer you. Happier kids. Everyone’s a winner. 

100 days free return

Ready to give them a try? We reckon you’ll love them, but if not, you’ve got 100 days to return them for free. Just send them back our way. No hard feelings.

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