Earplugs for Traveling

You gently awaken from a peaceful slumber. The birds sing and you smile to yourself: It’s another beautifu–   


Mornings are NOISY.  

Commutes snap you out of your pleasant start to the day. Whether you’re walking to work and are assaulted by the jarring symphony of a construction site… Or travelling on the subway accompanied by high-pitched screeching (that makes you believe that the mythical banshee is very real)… Or driving through rush hour with fellow drivers venting their frustration through their horns… 

Noisy mornings aren’t great. And they may be damaging your ears.  

Life is louder than you think

All it takes is prolonged exposure to 70dB to hurt your hearing.  

The motorcycle you ride is 80-90dB. And traffic noise is around 80dB. Flying somewhere? (Can we come too?) Cabin noise can reach 105dB during take-off and landing.   

Certain Sydney train routes can be as noisy as a live music event (110dB). Meanwhile, the noise level on the Melbourne tram system can reach even higher at 120dB. When faced with such clamor during your daily commute, it's tempting to crank up the volume on your headphones. However, this could be detrimental to your hearing health.

That could lead to permanent hearing damage where you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wonderful sounds life does have to offer. That’s a scary thought.

Are you a parent with a hectic schedule, yearning for some tranquility? Explore our selection of parenting earplugs to prevent sensory overload. Alternatively, if nighttime rest eludes you, consider perusing our affordable sleep earplugs range—a solution to help you achieve a quicker and more peaceful sleep.

Our earplugs for travelling

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Banish those banshees

We know how precious the ability to hear is. And we want to make sure you can hear for a long time to come.  

Let’s banish those screaming banshees from the subway once and for all – with travel earplugs. But what are the best earplugs for train noise, traffic and travel? 

Earplugs that are safe, stylish and comfortablelike Loop: 

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Bring noise to a safer volume for your ears.

° Want some peace and quiet on a plane? Loop Quiet offers 27dB noise reduction.

° Want to be able to hear conversations – but while still protected? Loop Engage and Loop Experience reduce noise levels to 16dB and 18dB respectively. You can reduce the volume even more with Mute add-ons.


Loop earplugs come as a stylish ring design in a range of colors and fit discreetly in your ears (and come with an earplug travel case).


With memory foam and silicone ear tips, Loop earplugs fit snugly and comfortably. When you’re squished like a canned sardine in the subway, and shoved around during rush hour, you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

  • “I bought these for my daughter who struggles with traffic noise…They are perfect.”

    - Wendy K. 
  • “They are effective in reducing traffic noise and fit comfortably.”

    - Laura B.
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Live life at your volume

Whether you’re travelling on the loudest subway route in the city, sitting next to screaming children on a plane, or driving through endless traffic (check your local laws about whether you’re allowed to drive with earplugs), you won’t be jarred anymore.  

We’ll take care of your ears while you do the commuting. Hello beautiful mornings.

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