Trouble sleeping?

A great tomorrow starts tonight. Turn down the noise and sleep like a log, without missing your alarm.

Loop Quiet Magic Mint floating over it’s black carry case.

Find your quiet

Some days, you just need to turn down the volume. What if we told you there’s an ultra-comfortable & stylish solution to do just that?

Loop Quiet
  • “Most comfortable earplugs I’ve ever owned. And with my noisy neighbors they make dropping off to sleep a breeze”

    - Ana G.

Benefits of Loop Quiet

  • Stay put

    Don’t lose a wink of sleep
    – or an earplug.

  • Reduce noise

    Fall asleep,
    but still hear your alarm.

  • Set & forget them

    So comfortable you’ll forget
    you’re wearing them.

Still not convinced?

Don't take our word for it.