Earplugs for snoring

It’s been a loooong day.  

And finally you’re tucked up peacefully in bed. Your eyelids are getting heavy and you’re at long last drifting off to sleep…until: 

A rumbling, roaring sound (think freight train, buzz saw or your ancient, broken vacuum cleaner) jolts you back to reality. And you’re wide awake. And fuming. You’ve guessed it. It’s the dreaded snoring. And the culprit is currently fast asleep, blissfully unaware of the thunderous noises they’re making. 

It’s a harsh reality that anyone who lives with a snoring partner knows about, with debilitating effects. And it’s not just about feeling a ‘little bit tired.’ 

Here’s what we know. 

The effects on your life are real

A bad night’s sleep is less than ideal. 

The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. And if your sleep is constantly being disrupted by snoring, it can be hard to make sure you’re hitting that target.  

Tiredness isn’t the only thing you’re battling with the next day. 

Not getting enough sleep from a snoring partner can have an effect on:

  • Mood changes, like irritability, short temper and ‘burnout’
  • Your ability to concentrate at work
  • Your productivity levels (at work and with crucial daily exercise)
  • Causing resentment and strain on your relationship (According to Cure My Sleep Apnea, snoring is the third biggest cause for grounds for divorce in the United States.)
  • The likelihood of being involved in a car accident. Drowsy driving is responsible for thousands of crashes and injuries each year 

We’re here to help

You don’t have to suffer forever – help is at hand. 

In fact, we’ve been on a mission: to invent the best earplugs for loud snoring there is.  

So we did. And they really work. 

Introducing our Loop Quiet range. Here’s what you get: 

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Big noise reduction

Our earplugs are designed to reduce noise by up to 24 decibels. That’s big. They’re the best earplugs for a snoring partner, helping to block out unwanted noise and irritating snoring. Roll on peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.


Being made from flexible, soft silicone means they provide maximum comfort. Not only do they fit nicely into all different types of ears, but they're also designed to stay put all night, without sticking out. 


Who says you can’t be stylish while sleeping? Not us. The Loop Quiet range comes in six different colors for you to choose from. And they come in a handy little case, so you can keep them safe next to your bed, ready for you each night.

  • "Great for sleeping, both at night and napping during the day. Because of my earplugs I've had the best sleep in months!"

    - Janelle S.
  • "They are the BEST EARPLUGS to block out snoring! My husband is a loud snorer and for a whole year I made him sleep on the couch because I could NOT sleep. Now he sleeps in our bed again and I can't hear him AT ALL!"

    - Cheryl C.

Sleep at your volume

Now you’ve discovered the best earplugs to banish snoring, you’re on your way to many nights of sound slumber ahead. Get back to sleeping like you used to. Better sleep. More energy. More productive. Fewer murderous thoughts. Everyone’s a winner.

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