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Up to 20% off earplugs

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The Loop difference

An earplug for every environment
Interchangeable ear tip sizes
Reusable for up to 5 years
Certified hearing protection
Bold colors to match your style
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  • Loop Switch


    Absolute life saver

    “Loop Switch is a game changer. Being able to change from being able to hear conversations to blocking out more sounds interchangeably is amazing. “

  • Loop Experience


    Cute, compact and calming

    “I get overwhelmed by noises a lot, especially when shopping. These are great and compact for when I am out. They are super comfortable and block out so much noise.”

  • Loop Quiet


    Finally feeling rested.

    “The earplugs never fell out of the ears during the night, even though when the shift they don't block the noise anymore so I have to set them during the night. “

  • Loop Engage


    Kids have a happy mama

    “Before I got my Loop earplugs, I’d get triggered by noise and become more irritable as the day went on. Now my kiddos have a happy mama who can make it through the day with a genuine smile.”

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Questions? We’re all ears.

Are there any discounts on gifts?

In the spirit of gifting season, we’re giving you 15% off 2 pairs of Loops or 20% off 3 or more when you order before 11:59 on January 2nd.

Which Loops are best for me?

Each Loop earplug is designed for different levels of noise reduction and engineered for different environments.

Loop Quiet

Loop Quiet is the most powerful earplug in the Loop range. Loop Quiet's lightweight soft-touch silicone material gives you unmatched peace and comfort throughout the day and deep into the night. Offering up to 24 dB of noise reduction, Loop Quiet is perfect for sleep, focus, travel and general noise sensitivity.

Loop Experience

Unlike most earplugs, Loop Experience is made for music. Featuring an innovative acoustic channel and filter, Loop Experience reduces noise to protect your hearing while keeping sound quality clear. Perfect for festivals, concerts and live events.

Loop Engage

Loop Engage is designed with conversations in mind. Thanks to a clever acoustic filter, Loop Engage earplugs reduce background noise without compromising speech clarity, so you can stay connected and engaged with those around you. Perfect for social gatherings, parenting and anyone sensitive to noise.

Loop Switch

Loop Switch combines the best of Loop’s hearing protection technology in one product, allowing you to choose between three noise reduction modes: Quiet Mode, Experience Mode and Engage Mode. Simply adjust the mechanical switch on the side of your Loops to choose the mode that suits your mood and surroundings.

Will they fit my ears?

Yes, all Loops come with interchangeable ear tips in sizes XS/S/M/L for a comfortable fit every time. So, whether you’ve got little ears or need something slightly larger, you can adjust your ear tips to fit you perfectly.

How long will they last?

Loop earplugs are reusable and durable, offering up to 5 years of volume control and protection.