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Experience the music in true Tomorrowland style with limited edition Loop x Tomorrowland earplugs. High-fidelity hearing protection made for music. Get yours while stock lasts.

  • Experience Iridescent

    Experience the full spectrum of sound and color with Loop Iridescent. A unique iridescent gloss finish available for Loop Experience earplugs. Ready to step into your glow-up era?

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  • Engage Iridescent

    Experience the colors of life at your volume with Loop Engage Iridescent. The magical look you love, brought to Loop Engage. Glow up and go out rocking a style destined to shine.

    Sold out
  • Stardust

    Discover the quiet of deep space with two sparkly new finishes for Loop Quiet earplugs. Enter a world of deep sleep, deep focus and infinite possibilities with earplugs made of stardust.

    Sold out
  • Loop x Tomorrowland

    An exclusive set of Loop Experience earplugs designed in collaboration with Tomorrowland Festival. Never miss a beat this festival season with high-quality noise reduction engineered for live music.

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  • Elements

    A bold collection of four seasonal colors designed for the here and now. Colors that vibe. Colors that rhyme. Colors that tell your story. Let your personality shine with Loop Elements Edition.

    Sold out
  • Aurum

    A unique collection of seven solid gold AI-generated earplugs. Designed to show the limitless possibilities of AI, these 18-karat gold earplugs are considered the rarest earplugs on the planet.

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