Earplugs for Tinnitus

You’ve been diagnosed with tinnitus.  

Having to put up with it is enough to make anyone go mad.  

But you know what? It shows how strong you are. 

Maybe you’ve had to use distraction as the main way to cope. Or maybe you’ve avoided places that make the tinnitus worse. You might be avoiding concerts, parties and bars to protect yourself from triggers and the like. But you shouldn’t have to miss out on living.  

You deserve better.

Can earplugs really help?

That depends on how your tinnitus affects you, as well as on choosing the best earplugs for tinnitus.  

Do some sounds trigger spikes in your tinnitus? Are you also noise sensitive? 

If so, then earplugs can help. And by protecting you from loud noises, they can stop it from getting worse.  

But standard earplugs can cause a conundrum.  

You need to block out triggers and sounds that you’re sensitive to. But the complete silence that some earplugs create can actually increase your awareness of the ringing in your ears – making it worse.  

So what do you do? 

You just need the right earplugs for tinnitus. 

Don’t let it hold you back

With the right tinnitus earplugs, you won’t have to let it hold you back anymore.  

Imagine being able to enjoy house parties with your friends, and being able to hear them while still wearing earplugs. Or losing yourself in the music at a concert. Or not having to cut a night out short when your friends want to go to a bar.  

Imagine being free of the fear of triggers and noises that have been holding you back from living fully

That’s where high-fidelity earplugs like the Loop Experience Plus can help. They: 

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Protect you

You won’t have to worry about triggers or noises you’re sensitive to. And you can relax knowing that you won’t make your tinnitus worse; your ears will be protected.

Mask the noise

Loop Experience Pro allows natural sound to come through, but just at a lower volume. While you can’t completely block out tinnitus, it means the ringing in your ears will be masked by the sounds of your environment, and you’ll be protected from triggers

Look good

Loop Experience Pro earplugs have an attractive ring design, come in a range of colors, and fit discreetly in your ears.

Are comfortable

With ear tips in different sizes, you can find your perfect fit and wear them comfortably for a long time.

  • “Works really well. Easy to use in public, parties and at places that would usually overwhelm my head and trigger tinnitus. Amazed how I’m still able to hear my friends and voices while at the club floor – can definitely recommend these loops!”

    - Christine N.
  • “I suffer from tinnitus and have found the earplugs to reduce the piercing screech…these have been a life changer!” 

    - Reeves-Luke E.
  • “Amazing product. I suffer from hyperacusis, tinnitus and somatosensory hearing loss. I needed some hearing protection for the first concert I would go to since my diagnosis, I am so glad that I found these…Thank you”

    - Julia H.
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Live life at your volume

Go to bars, parties, concerts and festivals with your friends without a worry. You can focus on having fun and living your best life. We’ll take care of your ears.  

Our mission is to empower you to live fully – at your volume.

Order yours now

100 days free return

Try them for yourself and see how they help. And if you don’t like them, you can always return them within 100 days – no worries.

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