Earplugs for Phonophobia

The world is a vibrant place.

It’s full of color, sights and sounds – each one different from the last.

But what happens when it all gets to be a bit much? What happens when the sounds of the world start to become overwhelming? And what happens when that sense of overstimulation turns into fear?

The fear of sounds is known as “phonophobia”, but it usually relates mostly to loud sounds.

If you’re unfamiliar with the meaning of phonophobia, here’s what we know:

When the sounds around you become too much

When phonophobia rears its head, the life’s hustle and bustle can start to eat away at you.

People who suffer from phonophobia can have things like anxiety attacks or heart palpitations when faced with sudden or unexpected loud sounds.

But the phobia isn’t just about being exposed to high volumes, it also involves the anxiety of anticipating loud sounds. Many people develop a fear of things associated with high noise levels,such as alarms, cars, and even overblown balloons.

Phonophobia can be hard to diagnose,owing to the fact that it shares a lot of symptoms with other anxiety disorders. Here are some of the more common symptoms:

  • Panic attacks 
  • Excessive sweating 
  • Irregular or increased heartbeat 
  • Dizziness and nausea 
  • Passing out 
  • An intense desire to escape 
  • Migraines 
  • An overwhelming fear of noise 

For people who live with phonophobia, daily experiences can be debilitating. Think about it: the world is a noisy place. Whether it’s car horns honking, dogs barking, emergency sirens – or even natural noises like thunder or birds singing. 

Our earplugs for Phonophobia

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The answer to your fear of sounds

If you were looking to counteract a phobia of loud noises, you might be tempted to just avoid them altogether, right?  

Unfortunately, you can’t control everything in the environment around you. But you can control the measures you take to limit the volume of sounds around you.   

That’s where earplugs can come in handy.  

Earplugs like Loop Experience, Loop Experience Plus and Loop Quiet can help cap decibel levels and either manage or muffle sounds, depending on the product.  

But if you find that these earplugs aren’t quite right for you, then Loop Engage may be the answer.  

Loop Engage are designed with conversation in mind. The earplugs offer up to 16 dB of noise reduction while combating the echoey occlusion effect in your head. Freeing you up to talk freely and connect. 

And if that still doesn’t work for you? We have a 100 day return policy. No matter what you’re looking for, Loop can help you find it. 

So you can finally gain control over the world of sound.

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    “I have sensory overload as well as misophonia, so every little sound causes an adverse reaction…. I’m so glad I decided to try Loop Engage out as they are gonna save me from a world of headaches and migraines.”

    - Tonie H. 

Start living life at your volume

Don’t let fear take over your life – we’re here to help you through this.

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