Earplugs for musicians and music makers

For most musicians, music is their life.  And a huge part of that life is live music – you’re playing for work, recording in the studio or checking out live concerts whenever you can.  And as much as you love it, it often comes with a price: ear damage. 

The thing is, musicians are regularly exposed to very high sound levels, which can have both short- and long-term effects on your hearing.  Here’s what we know: 

Hearing damage. The struggle is real.

The average music concert noise levels range between 110-120dB.

There’s no denying – that’s super loud, meaning that hearing damage is common.

But it’s not just concerts that can cause damage. It can happen with loud, regular noise exposure anywhere… if you’re always in the studio producing, you have to be careful too.

The effects can be:

  • Short term: such as a ringing in your ears the day after exposure to loud music
  • Long term: such as tinnitus, or - worst case scenario - hearing loss

But music is your passion, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it.

We get it and we’re here to help.

Earplugs for Musicians

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Protect your ears.

You can keep on doing what you love – and protect your ears too. 

We’ve invented the best earplugs for musicians and music makers. We know that as a musician, there are must-haves that you need your earplugs to offer. Earplugs that allow you to hear music just as clearly, but at a much lower decibel, and providing the best ear protection for musicians. 

The Loop Experience range. Here is what you get:

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Protection and sound quality

These earplugs for musicians are designed to reduce noise by 18 decibels. With a cleverly designed acoustic channel and mesh they equal huge noise reduction and allow you to hear everything crystal-clear, without dampening the sound.


Our earplugs provide maximum quality and comfort. They fit snugly into all types of ears and are designed to stay put, meaning you can move how you need to with no worry about them falling out mid-session.


The Loop Experience range comes in multiple unique colors for you to choose from. And they come in a handy little case, so you can pop them in whenever you need them.

  • Perfect for metal gigs! I’m a long time rock and metal live music fan. I had been dubious about earplugs at gigs as I didn’t want them to impact my experience. I gave these earplugs a go at a gig on Saturday and wow, I’m seriously impressed.  Less crowd noise and I could hear the music more clearly.   I’m a total convert.  

    - Hannah C.
  • I play in a samba band and my Loop ear plugs are a game changer. Comfortable to wear, restricts noise well and discreet. Oh and they look cool too!

    - Simone W.
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Make music at your volume

Now you’ve discovered the ultimate earplugs for musicians, you can focus on what matters most - making music without doing any harmful damage to your ears. Go to all the concerts, get back in the studio, get rehearsing for your next gig. Hit those drums when you like. Your ears are in good hands.

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