Earplugs for motorcycle riding

Adrenalin pumping. Blood racing. An overwhelming sense of adventure and freedom. 

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of riding a motorbike

And when you’re out for a ride, with your full attention on the road, it’s easy to forget that your ears are at risk of damage too. 

If you often hear ringing in your ears after a ride – that’s tinnitus. And it’s something that you want to avoid at all costs. 

Here’s what we know: 

The wind can cause long-term damage

Do you love the feeling of the wind on your face when you go for a ride?

Your ears don’t.

When the wind gets inside your helmet it’s probably causing harm, even at low speeds. Surprising, right?

The thing is, hearing damage can happen at any point after 85dB. And if you’re traveling at 100km p/h the average level is already at 94dB. Which means that one ride could cause a lifetime of hearing issues.

Plus, when you’re exposed to loud noise you get tired. Meaning your concentration levels drop. And when you’re on the road traveling at fast speed, that’s super dangerous.

That’s where we come in.

Earplugs for Motorcycling

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Ride safely with the ultimate protection

You need proper protection for your ears. But you also need to stay super focused and alert, able to hear everything you need to on the road.  To do that, you need an ideal sound reduction of 18dB. 

It will make all the difference to protecting your hearing without cutting you off completely.  

We’ve developed the best earplugs for motorcycle riders that strike the right balance between protection and experience. Especially designed to protect your hearing, while you do what you love.  

Introducing the Loop Experience range.  

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Protect at the perfect level

Our noise-reducing earplugs, perfect for motorcycling, are designed to reduce noise by up to 18 decibels. Combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound, they protect your hearing and keep you alert. The perfect earplugs for traveling.

Provide maximum comfort

Our earplugs are ultra-comfortable and fit snugly into all types of ears. They’re ideal for riding as they don’t stick out, don’t irritate your ears and will stay put for the entire ride.

Look stylish

Stay in style while you ride. The Loop Experience range has four different colors to choose from and come in a handy little case.

  • Great little gadget

    Great little gadget to protect my ears. Bought them to reduce the wind sound coming from my helmet. It really works amazingly.  The fit is perfect and they stay in place. Very happy.

    - Rui M.
  • The Best

    These are the best ear protection for riding my motorcycle. I've tried 4 different types, but these stay in, reduce the road noise, yet allow me to hear music. Great product. 

    - Kevin F.
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Ride at your volume

Carry on riding how you want to, just with more ear protection.

With Loop Experience earplugs, you can make sure your hearing is looked after, your concentration is focused, and you stay super comfortable.

Safer ride. Happy hearing. Zero downside.

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100 days free return

Take them for a spin on your next ride. We reckon you’ll love them, but if not, you’ve got 100 days to return them for free. Just send them back to us. No hard feelings.