Protect what's most important

Protect your most precious asset without compromising on sound clarity and style.

Loop Experience Silver floating over its black carry case.

Filter the sound

Loop Experience combines an acoustic filter and mesh so sound and speech remain clear, just a bit less loud.

Loop Experience
  • "Great to finally be able to make music without risking hearing damage... and at the same time look amazing!"

    - Valentina M.

Benefits of Loop Experience

  • Presence

    Take the edge off,
    but stay present.

  • Experience

    Keep the experience,

    enjoy natural sound.

  • Style

    Protect your ears,
    in style.

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"I notices that the slight buffer of noise was extremely helpful for my mood to be a little bit more regulated"

ᐧ Noise reduction, not noise removal.
ᐧ Stay in the moment, but take away all that extra noise.
ᐧ Loops come with a little carrying case.
ᐧ They fit right in your ear.