Comfortable kids earplugs

Noisy public transport. Loud playgrounds. Distracting school classrooms. The world is noisy these days. And it can be even louder for kids. 

Some children struggle to focus in school, with so much noise going on all around them. Others find it overwhelming to be in busy places, especially when there’s loud noises. It can be easy to become distracted and overstimulated when there’s so much going on – particularly for children who are sensitive to noise.

But there is a solution to help them feel calmer and more focused, wherever they are: kids earplugs.

Why should children wear earplugs?

Lots of children need a little extra help to reduce auditory overstimulation, particularly kids with ADHD, autism and noise sensitivity. When there’s sounds all around – whether at home, school, or when out and about – it can become overwhelming. And that can lead to meltdowns, anxiety, or a lack of focus.

Earplugs can help to take the edge off, reducing the volume of these distracting sounds so kids can feel more calm and comfortable, whatever environment they’re in. Whether it’s meeting new people at a birthday party, loud noises in the street on the way to school, or loud events like football games, children’s earplugs can help to reduce the impact of big sounds for small ears.

Another place where some kids have a hard time with auditory overstimulation is in school. Some kids can find it hard to concentrate – and is it any wonder when there’s other kids chatting in class, the sound of chalk on the board, and bells ringing every hour? Wearing earplugs means fewer distractions in school, and gives them more confidence, from recess to math class.

Why Loop Earplugs are your best option

Loop Engage Kids are made for small ears in a big world. They’re designed for learning, playing and growing, taking the edge off in noisy environments so kids can focus on being kids.

They use the same innovative technology as our standard Loop Engage – but come with smaller ear tip sizes, and are made in fun, kid-friendly colors. Unlike standard foam earplugs, which muffle noise, Loop Engage Kids  combine a patented acoustic channel and a newly engineered filter for up to 16 decibels of noise reduction. 

That means they reduce the buzz and help children find their calm, without cutting them off from the world around them, so kids can still communicate, socialize, and stay engaged – just at a lower volume.

They come in a choice of three bright colors so kids can choose a pair to match their own individual style and look cool, even for school.

Designed for kids aged 6+, Loop Engage Kids are made for comfort, with a choice of ear tips in sizes XXS-M so they can find their perfect fit. Once they’re inserted properly (a little help from mom or dad might be needed!) they’ll feel comfortable to wear. That means less noise, and more fun, whatever they’re doing.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about them losing their earplugs. Loop Engage Kids come in a handy Carry Case, which fits easily into their school bag or pocket. So they’ll always be within reach, ready for any new adventure.

Frequently asked questions

Are earplugs suitable for children to use?

Loop Engage Kids are made especially for children. They offer the same great technology as Loop Engage earplugs for adults, but are colorful, comfy and kid-approved. They come with a choice of ear tips in sizes XXS-M, to ensure the perfect fit and have certified hearing protection to keep your child’s ears safe – so long as they’re inserted properly.

What’s the difference between Loop Engage Kids earplugs and other over-the-ear hearing protection products?

Many over-the-ear hearing protection models focus on drowning out noises, which can make it difficult for kids to socialize or play comfortably at their normal levels.  

 Loop Engage Kids simply reduces background noise so kids can focus on being kids. They fit snugly in the ear and are easier to take on the go.

What age can children use earplugs?

Our Engage Kids earplugs are designed for kids aged 6-12, with a choice of ear tip sizes to ensure the perfect fit for small ears.

Can kids wear earplugs at night?

No, this product is not suitable for sleeping.

How do I ensure a proper fit for my child's earplugs?

Loop Earplugs are easy to insert – whether your child’s doing it themselves or you’re giving them a helping hand. They come with a selection of ear tip sizes to suit all ears, from XXS-M, so they can get the perfect fit. Size S comes pre-installed. If the Loops stick out or feel uncomfortable, go down a size. If they don’t feel secure, go up a size. Once you’ve got the right ear tip size:

  • Insert the silicone ear tip into the ear
  • Twist the Loop to the back, until it lies flat in the ear
  • It should feel secure and comfortable – and never painful!
  • The Loop shouldn’t be visible from the front

How do earplugs for kids differ from earplugs designed for adults?

Loop Engage Kids use the same innovative technology as Loop Engage for adults, combining an acoustic channel and engineered filter to reduce the volume of sounds, without blocking them out or reducing the clarity of the wearer’s voice. But Loop Engage Kids come in special colors to give kids heaps of confidence, and they have a choice of interchangeable ear tip sizes from XXS-M (rather than our standard Loop Engage, which has earplugs that start at XS), to ensure the perfect fit for small ears.

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