Earplugs for Flying

Ahh flying.  

The excitement of arriving at the airport. The promise of a new destination. The unexplored horizons…  

Being squished at the back of the plane. Crying babies who seem to break sound records. The explosive snores of your fellow passenger sitting next to you.  

Sound familiar? 

Flying is exciting – there’s no denying that. But it does come with its… challenges. It can be uncomfortable. And after early starts and long journeys, what you desperately want on a plane is some sleep.

Planes are noisy

It’s true. But what might surprise you is just how noisy they really are.  

Take-off and landing can reach 105dB, but cruising is around 85dB.  

And that’s not including your companion’s snores.  

No wonder the noise is enough to keep you awake for hours on end.  

You can damage your hearing with prolonged exposure to 70dB and above. With some long-haul flights lasting around 12 hours or longer, you can expect your ears to come out a little worse for wear.

Our earplugs for Flying

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It’s about the journey, as well as the destination

But you shouldn’t have to put up with that.  

After all, life is a journey to be enjoyed. And that includes flying. You shouldn’t have to sit there gritting your teeth, counting down the seconds to your beautiful destination. 

You should be able to enjoy a cheeky glass of wine, gaze out the window at the clouds, and then peacefully drift off to sleep – only to wake up refreshed and ready to explore your destination.  

Good news. You can do just that – with some trusty earplugs for air travel.

Ease the pressure – with in-flight earplugs

But what are the best earplugs for flying? And how do they help? 

Besides being able to help you rest easily, earplugs can also ease the uncomfortable build-up of pressure in your eardrum during take-off and landing.  

But many earplugs are anything but comfortable. That’s why we made them different from the rest: 

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First-class comfort

With silicone and memory foam ear tips in a range of sizes, Loop earplugs fit snugly in your ears. No rummaging under your seat for stray earplugs; these ones will stay put. 

Peace and quiet

Need some sleep? Loop Quiet earplugs reduce noise by 27dB, creating a calm oasis in the middle of chaos. Want to lower the volume, while still being able to have a conversation? Loop Experience Pro earplugs ensure you get natural sound, but just at a lower volume. 

Classy confidence

Loop earplugs don’t look like you’ve stuck complimentary salted peanuts in your ears. With an attractive ring design and a variety of colors to suit your style, you can wear them with confidence. 

  • “LOVE these earplugs…They are great for sleeping, I’ve never had earplugs comfortable enough to sleep in before. I used them on a flight and will never travel without these again…These are game changers!” 

    - Vanessa B.
  • “I’m so happy I got them and would recommend to anyone, especially if you’re on a flight. Lifesavers.” 

    - Oliver B. 
  • “Surprisingly comfortable! Recently traveled by air and they blocked ambient noise but I was easily able to hear the flight attendant and safety announcements.”

    - Amy B.
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Live life at your volume

Give yourself first-class comfort, peace and confidence on every flight with the right earplugs. You deserve to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

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