Earplugs for parties & clubs

Mike’s brought out the dance moves.  

Popping and locking, twisting, shuffling, and even jumping.  

But, in his excitement, he’s somehow managed to clear the dance floor. 

You see, Mike’s dancing completely out of time. Almost as if to a different song.  

Now, Mike’s smart because he’s wearing earplugs for clubbing. But the foam ones he’s got pretty much block out all sound.  

Luckily, there’s another way.

Why wear earplugs?

Your ears are made up of some delicate components that enable you to hear. There are little hairs in your ears that work wonders.  

They turn soundwaves into electrical signals for your brain. Our little hairy friends help make hearing possible. But they’re vulnerable. If you expose yourself to levels of 70dB or above for a long time, it can damage them.  

And the thing is, nightclubs and parties range over 90dB.

You can develop tinnitus, or suffer from hearing loss later on down the line; a billion of us are at risk of this according to the World Health Organization. So, how do you protect your ears so you can keep clubbing and partying? 

Earplugs are a good way to protect them from long-term damage. But we don’t want to block out all sound. That wouldn’t be any fun. The best earplugs for parties and clubs are ones that don’t muffle sound.  

So we designed the Loop Experience. Noise reduction earplugs for clubs, parties and nights out where you can hear it all – but it’s just less loud.

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Clear & safe sound

The acoustic resonator in Loop Experience earplugs mimics the ear canal, ensuring natural sound that isn’t muffled. The filter lowers sound by 18dB (or by 23dB with the mute add-on), making it safer for your ears.


An attractive ring design and a variety of colors. They fit discreetly in your ear, so you can wear them with confidence. 


Loop Experience Pro earplugs come with memory foam and silicone ear tips for extra comfort.

  • “Perfect, ultra-efficient, lightweight, comfortable to wear! We forget them so they are discreet!”

    - Haumont J.
  • “I love my loop earplugs. I got both the experience and the quiet.”

    - Gariston K.
  • “They fit great, are comfortable and I could hear the music… It was quite refreshing to drive home from the shows without my ears ringing.”

    - Michael T.
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Live life at your volume

You shouldn’t have to hold yourself back from fully enjoying your life. Now you can go clubbing and partying for years to come – without worrying about hearing damage.  When it comes to your ears we’ve got you covered. 

We just can’t help with your dance moves. Sorry.

Get yours now

Free returns for 100 days

Try Loop Experience earplugs for yourself. Take them with you to your next night out, and see how they reduce volume without losing any of the experience.  

If they’re not a fit you can return them within 100 days – no worries.