Promotional Terms & Conditions

On a regular basis, Loop is running special promotions and temporary discount offers (hereafter "Discounts") which are activated by making use of discount codes (hereafter “Discount Codes”) and/or by participating in a specified activity or event. These Discount Codes grant a discount amount or a discount percentage.

By participating in promotions of Loop, participants agree to be bound by these and promotional specific Terms and Conditions which are supplemented by our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website ( 

  • The Discount Code is solely valid for orders on our online store.
  • Discounts are applicable to customers who meet the eligibility criteria as determined by Loop. These criteria may include, but are not limited to, minimum purchase amount, specific product categories, or membership status.
  • The Discount Code cannot be combined with any other voucher code or offer unless stated otherwise.
  • The Discount Code is not valid in combination with other promotions unless otherwise stated in the specific terms and conditions of each Discount Code.
  • Loop reserves the right to reject orders where a Discount Code is deemed invalid.
  • The Discount Codes are only valid for specific products cannot be applied to shipping costs (which are excluded). They are available while supplies last and may be revoked at any time. The customer cannot use a Discount Code to obtain a Discount on other products than the ones to which the promotion in question applies and which have been described in detail in the communications which contain the Discount Code.
  • Discounts are only valid for a limited time as specified by Loop. Customers must use the Discount Code within the stated time frame to avail the Discount.
  • The Discount and/or Discount Code may be withdrawn or changed at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Loop.
  • Only one Discount Code can be used per order and per person.
  • If a Discount Code is used for an order of which the (total) price is below the value of the Discount Code, the remaining value of the Discount Code shall be lost.
  • In case a part of the order is returned, the refunded monetary value will be the item's value at the time of transaction, i.e. including the applied Discount.
  • The promotional Discount will not be applicable to replacement items. If the Discount Code is still valid at the time of making a return, a new order should be placed using the original Discount Code.
  • The customer cannot use Discount Codes for commercial purposes and/or any other purposes than the ones for which they were offered.
  • The customer can never claim any rights based on the fact that they were unable to use the Discount Code and the customer can never use a Discount Code afterwards or with retroactive effect
  • Loop reserves the right to modify Discount Codes at any time if it becomes aware that they have been shared, distributed or made public through any means not authorized by Loop. Such modification may include the substitution of existing Discount Codes with new ones, with or without prior notice to the affected parties.
  • Loop reserves the right in its absolute discretion, including where it considers there to have been, and/or there is a suspicion of, any breach of these Terms and Conditions, any fraud or any abuse of the service, to terminate suspected illegitimate services.
  • Discount Codes are void if restricted or prohibited by law.
  • Loop reserves the right to modify or terminate these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.