The rarest earplugs in the world.

No two sets of Loop Aurum earplugs are alike. They’re limited-edition and ultra-rare. Made of 18-karat gold and worth AUD 4.600, each was designed using artificial intelligence. And only seven pairs exist. We’ve already given away six sets to our community of creatives & partners. Which means just one remains for a member of the wider Loop Community.

Otherworldly design

Loop Aurum began as an experiment in generative design. Which is when designers use AI technology to augment human creativity, producing radically unique art objects in the process.

From the Latin for gold, Loop Aurum stands for the rare beauty of earth and its elements – the finite. But they’re also a major achievement in design and creativity. A true celebration of humanity’s infinite potential to innovate.

Want to know more about the process behind the Aurum, read this interview with our designer Fan.

For the Loop Community

Of course, our drive to inspire is fuelled by our community. Loop users make the world their own. Overcoming challenges and doing what they love, with confidence and style. Just like Loop Aurum, the members of our community are radically unique, too.

Which is why we’ve reserved the final pair of Aurum earplugs for a member of the Loop Community.