Earplugs for ADHD

The world around us stops for no one. Construction. Loud music. Busy crowds. Long commutes. It’s an endless list.  

Those of us with ADHD are extra good at navigating an overstimulating world. And we’re experts in which gadgets are best for making the world work for us. 

Because ADHD and noise sensitivity often go hand in hand. So when it comes to motorcycles, drills, screaming kids or a thumping bass, we know which solutions work. 

ADHD and sensory overload: the link is real

We’ve known about the link between hypersensitivity and ADHD for a long time now. 

And noise can be a major trigger. 

For people with ADHD, this can make it harder to concentrate and socialize. Which means working life can bring with it some extra challenges: 

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Feeling triggered and overwhelmed to the point you need to leave the room.
  • A harder time concentrating and communicating with others.
  • Difficulty with decision-making and processing information in the moment.

Luckily, Loop earplugs are
here to help.

Our earplugs for ADHD

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Filter the world, on your terms

Living with ADHD doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the world.

At Loop, we’ve worked together with our community of avid users with noise sensitivity to develop the best earplugs for ADHD: Loop Experience and Loop Engage. Both of these sets of earplugs are designed with noise sensitivity in mind. Each comes with its own unique benefits and innovative design.

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Loop Experience

For extra protection, these earplugs reduce noise by up to 18 decibels. They feature an innovative acoustic channel that works to filter outside noise – making them ideal for ADHD and noise sensitivity. But don’t worry – you’ll still hear all the important stuff and sound quality will never suffer.

Loop Engage

Loop Engage are designed with conversation in mind. They offer up to 16 decibels of coverage and are designed to limit the ‘occlusion effect.’ Which is that echoey, head-underwater feeling you get with most earplugs. 

Loop Engage could be the ADHD earplugs for you. They’re perfect for reducing anxiety in social situations without impacting your ability to chat and connect. Allowing you to remain present, calm, and focused.

Both of them

° Offer maximum comfort, fitting snugly into all types of ears 

° Come in 4 unique colors 

° Include a handy Carry Case 

  • Life-changing

    These earplugs have literally changed my life. I've got ADHD, and a lot of noise distracts and overwhelms me.

    I now wear them nearly every time I go outside. Especially when going to the store or malls. I'm forever grateful to Loop Earplugs for making life with ADHD more bearable.

    - Mieke B.
  • Lifesavers

    These have seriously made a world of a difference for me with my ADHD and anxiety, as I get overstimulated very easily by noise. These are my daytime earplugs so I can still be present with my kids.

    - Teeli J.
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Hear the world at your volume

Tired of sensory overload? Want to filter the noise of everyday life? Take the edge off. Our earplugs are the perfect solution for people with ADHD and noise sensitivity.

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