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Experience - Elements Edition

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Color - Midnight Mercury
Loop Experience Earplugs combine an innovative acoustic channel with a filter for 18 decibels of protection without muffling. This counts as low-level noise reduction. For a limited time, they’re available in the 4 bold colors of our Elements Edition palette. Your vibe, your look, your world – at your volume.

What you get

What you get with your Loop earplugs in am image. Your earplugs, a carry care and 4 sets of ear tips in different sizes.

  • 1 set of Loop Experience earplugs 
  • 4 sets of silicone ear tips (XS + S + M + L included) 
  • Black keychain carry case


Shipments to Australia: 7,95 AUD for standard shipping, free on orders over 55 AUD. You get more specific details during checkout or on our shipping policy.

100 days return

You have 100 days to return your Loops and request a refund, for any reason. Even if you've used the earplugs! We'll refund your purchase within 5 business days after receipt. Check our full return policy on how to request a refund.

How to use Loop

  • Image of a woman with her head tiled up and eye close and wearing Loop earplugs. She seems very peaceful.

    Noise Sensitivity

    Take off the edge,
    remain engaged

    "I use them at home or at big dinner parties. I am kind of noise sensitive and these earplugs just make everyday life that much easier!"

    - S. Rosén

  • A room with a lot of people working on laptops, the focus is on one man who is putting in his Loop earplugs.


    Get in the zone.
    Increase your focus.

    "Great earplugs to keep my sanity! They work fantastic for focussing around those annoying sounds but still being present."
    - Morgan K.

  • Image of a toddler being held by her parent on the beach.


    Hear everything, 
    just less loud.

    "I love that it just tones down the commotion of the kids, I can still hear them but can focus on being a better and calmer mom."
    - Cindy R.

  • A man putting on his motorcycle helmet, wearing Loop earplugs.


    Reduce wind noise,
    hear the road clearly

    "Best of all they are so low profile that they disappear under a motorcycle helmet, where I use them."
    - Vincent M.

  • Image of a person holding up his arms in a concert event space, with a person playing guitar on the stage in front of him.

    (Live) events

    Protect your ears in style,
    enjoy the music.

    "Always wear my Loops. My ears feel better and the sound is great."
    - Patrick O.

  • Image of a woman playing the drums enthusiastically, wearing Loop earplugs.

    Making music

    Enjoy clear sound.
    Protect your ears.

    "Good and comfortable earplugs for musicians. Loop earplugs have proven to be a great set of musician earplugs."
    - David B.

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Upgrade to Pro

Reduce extra noise on demand with Loop Mute and extra foam ear tips.